While visiting any reputed casino for gambling, people expect that you must wear certain special dress.

Not only should you respect the dress code prescribed by the casinos in Snohomish County but also for respecting other gamblers of the Snohomish County.

Following are few clothing that is recommended for men to wear while visiting any casino.

  • Wear khaki pants

Khaki pants can be matched with anything, however if that is not your favorite color or does not suit with your skin color then wear a dark blue or soft gray color pant.

  • Blue jeans

Blue jeans are also acceptable, but make sure that there should not be any hole present in the jeans. Also, pair it with a nice shirt and tie for giving a formal look.

  • Loafers

Probably you may wear sneakers in the car when you are going to the casino, but you must consider wearing loafers with boat shoes, or some other semi-casual shoes in the casino.

  • Socks

Usually plain old athletic type of socks will be fine, but if you are also participating in dinner, or sitting in VIP area then you will need dress socks matching with your loafers.

  • Conservative button-shirt

Prefer to wear shirt which is plain white button-down type, which must be conservative, which means – no slogans, no Hawaiian print or no symbols etc.

Following are few clothing that is recommended for women to wear while visiting any casino.

  • Conservative cocktail dress

What we exactly mean by conservative here is that the hem must be present on the longer side of your short and the neckline should not be too revealing. Choose suitable color as per the season.

  • Sweater, pullover or wrap matching with cocktail dress

In case, you want to formal-up the cocktail dress a bit, as the sun maybe setting or you are moving to a nicer venue, then you may add a wrap for covering your shoulders and properly dress up your outfit.

  • Flats

You can always wear sneakers, but probably that will not be proper if you have a plan to do anything besides just sitting near the slot machine.

Comfy flats can work in all kind of settings like your conservative cocktail dress.

  • Blue jeans

Same rule applies for blue jeans as mentioned for men.

  • Blouse which can double for both day and night

You may wear nice plain blouse which will be suitable for morning, during lunch, also at night.