E-sports betting is the newest big trend in the world of gambling. It allows players to enjoy the competition between the best contenders in the world of video game tournaments. While it is a relatively new concept, it has grabbed the attention of some of the biggest betting sites in the world. That goes for everywhere, from any of the huge New Jersey online sportsbook sites to smaller sites located elsewhere. So, what exactly does e-sports betting have to offer bettors, and how can they get involved in this fast-growing new world?

What is e-sports?

E-sports iscompetitive video gaming. Depending on the game that is being played, there will be some quite large amounts of prize money available for the winner. Although they started as quite small competitions, they have grown in stature over the last few years. It’s even led to there being mainstream coverage of e-sports, which became more widespread during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The growth in e-sports meant that many bettors found it their first experience of sports betting. The reason behind that is that many people who are interested in video games saw their passion being offered at sportsbooks for the first time. There was a massive flurry of wagers placed on several different competitions, which showed sportsbooks that there was indeed a future in e-sports betting.

So, what games are available for bettors to enjoy in the e-sports world?


DOTA 2 is one of the biggest e-sports games out there right now, with a big selection of different tournaments available for players to enjoy. It has large prizes available and significant numbers of players. As a battle arena game, it’s full of excitement and is very fast-paced. This helps to bring in big viewers and means that the betting markets can often offer excellent value for players who are experienced.


Even if you are not really into video games, you will probably have heard of Fortnite. It was a breakout hit a couple of years ago, appearing in the mainstream media regularly. It has a thriving multiplayer scene and has recently launched a new tournament that will offer large-scale prizes to players. It is also another game that has started to appear at online sportsbooks. It provides more difficulty when it comes to finding the value when compared to DOTA 2, but experienced bettors will still be able to find value if they know what to look for.

FIFA Soccer

FIFA grabbed a massive audience during the height of the pandemic. It appeared on a large number of different sportsbooks as a lot of various FIFA tournaments popped up. One of the most successful was the EPL invitational, which saw players from English soccer teams playing against each other in a competition. It led to FIFA games appearing on a lot more sportsbooks and increasing the exposure of the game.

More to come

While e-sports are still growing in popularity, they have not become a truly mainstream choice for bettors. Perhaps one day, it could be the mainstream betting choice, with standard sports betting taking a back seat.