We, people, are not perfect beings. There are many flaws which “decorate” us, and one of them is addictions. There are various addiction types, from smoking and drinking is the most known to online gambling being close. But we need to ask ourselves: Are online gambling addiction and a problem, or can it benefit us in some ways? And วิธีเล่นบาคาร่า?

Gambling- salvation or a problem?

Gambling, in general, is considered to be a bad habit of people. Its definition lies within spending the money on various bets to earn more. Repeated gambling is considered an addiction. Through the modern age, gambling hasn’t changed. It evolved into online gambling since everything nowadays is starting to get computerized.

Online gambling in general

Online gambling is a form of gambling which became worldly popular in the early years of the 21st century. As most people do it on their phones(since it is convenient and easy to use), many gambling baccarat nowadays even have their own “virtual” tables for gambling. Mostly online gambling revolves around online poker, which is a great way to earn money and “kill” some extra time.

Addiction to online gambling

People with gambling addiction are considered “dangerous” for society, especially their loved ones. As addict spends it’s money on gambling(in these times mostly online), family and loved ones of an addict suffer as they mostly can’t pay rent, food, bills, etc.…Not to mention, if the bet is lost, the family also has to deal with the paying debt to a ”certain people” who constantly threat. Probably the worst thing about being addicted or having someone addicted is the knowing thought of not recognizing the addicted person anymore. It’s behavior, thinking, acting… It pains your heart.

Benefits of online gambling

On the other hand, gambling is based on luck, mostly. Although many wouldn’t agree, luck certainly plays a big role in gambling. And because of that luck, sometimes addicts win their bets and earn tons of money. That way, they get addicted and go toward more bets and betting. Most of the time, gambling addict will lose their money, but the ”spinning wheel of fate” sometimes will bring them good luck.

A scientific explanation of gambling addiction

Although it is fairly unknown, there exists a scientific explanation for gambling addiction. The explanation says that gamble people become addicted to it because of serotonin’s brain release, which is in charge of “feeling happy.” Serotonin is released whenever the gambler wins. Under the effect of the hormone, the gambler isn’t affected when he/she loses because of that moment, ”brain chemistry.” No matter the time between the win and a loss, since the brain released too much serotonin when the gambler one, the brain registered in one center that big happiness and stored that memory in the other center. That way, when gambling, the addict never feels sad. Quite the opposite, the addict feels pure joy when gambling, and that is why they become addicted. They become addicted to the feeling of that momentary happiness, scientists and psychiatrists say.

Online gambling and gambling, in general, is something it shouldn’t be taken lightly. No matter the positive sides, the negative sides are far worse and much bigger in number. Every addiction like this one is hard to cure. But it is important to remember to stay by your loved one if he/she has this “disease” and hope that one day she/he will be “cured” by seeing the negative effect of the addiction itself.