Keno is a lottery game, which is played in many restaurants, casinos and bars. It is a game of chance with some easy rules. You need to mark numbers on the keno ticket. If you get some set of numbers of right, then you win. Simply mark the numbers and write the price, number of rounds, and the money your bet. Wait for the result, if you win claim your prize or try again.

Ufabet is a sports betting and online casino by Ufakick. You can play fun games like roulette, keno, shooting games, tiger fish, dragon, Muay Thai online, online lottery, and gamecock. They also provide various football betting options for football lovers. It is considered one of the financially stable gambling websites in Thailand and Asia.

Ways to Play Keno

  • Video Keno is fast like a slot machine. Results are generated by the Random Number Generator and not from a drawing number ball machine.
  • Live Keno is played at a lounge in a casino or online website where you mark your numbers on a keno card and place wagers. You can make several bets on one keno card and it is much easier to play live keno than video keno.

Tips for Beginners

  • For specific types of bets, some casinos offer special promotions on some tickets. Such offers always have better incentives with the tickets.
  • Pick a game in video keno that has added bonus features like free spins, wild numbers, etc. It adds fun to the game.
  • Look for the pay-out before playing any keno game because every machine has different pay-outs on the same game.
  • Find a keno game that has a huge jackpot. Although regular pay-outs are also good, but huge jackpots give a chance to win a big prize.

Gambling is an addiction. You can get carried away with irrational emotions. This could lead to troubles and financial loss. Stick to your limits while playing and practice self-control.