Probably the most essential things you need to have a very good knowledge of prior to getting into betting on horse racing will be the various kinds of bets that you could make.

It is because much like betting on other kinds of sporting occasions, there are a variety of various types that you could put on the racecourse and understanding how all of them are created can help you in placing the best types in the proper time which may offer you more favourable results.

This is a help guide to a few of the bets that you could make in horse race betting.


Victory may be the simplest kind of bet that you could make when betting on horse racing. Using this type of bet, you just need to select the horse that you simply think would finish first.


A Location is a kind of bet where you have to select the horse that you simply think would finish within the top two, 3 or 4 places, with respect to the quantity of horses which are within the race. Should there be less than eight runners, your horse will have to place 1st or 2nd that you should win. Should there be eight or even more runners, your horse will have to place first, second, or third and should there be 16 or even more horses within the race, your horse may come in initially, second, third, or 4th place.


Should you make an Each-Way bet on the horse, you’re essentially putting a Win bet along with a Place bet onto it simultaneously. Which means that should you be placing an Each-Way bet of £10 on the horse, you’re putting a bet of £10 for this to win and the other £10 for this to put. Observe that when your horse loses, this means that you’d be losing both bets.


Also known as a Perfecta or perhaps a Straight Forecast, an Exacta is a kind of bet in which you have to select the horses that you simply think would finish third and fourth, within the right order. Much like an Each-Way bet, an Exacta matches two bets, meaning additionally they cost two times just as much.

Reverse Exacta

Also called a Quiniela or perhaps a Reverse Forecast bet, a Reverse Exacta bet is a kind of bet in which you’d should also select the horses that you simply think will come in initially and 2nd places, however in any order.


A Trifecta bet is like an Exacta bet except that you’d be picking the horses that you simply think could be arriving initially, second, and third places.

There you’ve got a decent 6 terms covered for with regards to horse racing along with other sports that you might end up betting on. Obviously, you will find many betting terms from Yankee Bet, Union Jack Bet, Trixie Bet and much more. However, these 6 ought to be an excellent base to develop from.