Singapore online casinos versus offline casinos

Gambling has become a very important part of Singapore culture. The country’s economy depends primarily on casino tourism. The percentage of people who gambles in the previous year was 58 percent in 2005, 54 percent in 2008, and 47 percent in 2011.   These numbers are sufficient to show how popular gambling is among the population.

There are two different ways in which people gamble. People either go to land-based casinos or gamble online in Singapore online casinosBoth of these have their advantages and disadvantages.

Land-based casinos 

  1. Offline casinos form a very important part of tourism in the country. So many tourists visit the country just for enjoying the gambling experience. Land-based casinos offer employment to a large number of people. Apart from the owners, there are many other people whose lives depend on a casino. Some of them are people who deal with the money that is collected every day, cooks who prepare food for the gamblers, people who clean the establishment, and the people who communicate with the foreign tourists. People employed in an online casino are significantly low when compared to a land-based casino.
  2. Another advantage that land-based casinos have over online casinos is that they promote social interactions. People come together in a casino, have face to face conversations, eat food, and play their favorite games together. These social interactions are absent in an online casino where people gamble from the privacy of their homes.
  3. Some players suggest that offline casinos can provide a true feeling of gambling. This is something online casinos fail at. The ambiance at a land-based casino is unmatched with a mobile screen. The food, the equipment, the lighting, the music; online casinos are unable to provide these.

However online casinos do have many advantages over offline casinos. Let’s try to explore some of these.

Singapore online casinos

  1. Many people don’t like to be in a casino being surrounded by strangers. People who can resonate with this prefer online casinos over land-based casinos. They can play from their homes or anywhere unnoticed by others. The person next to him cannot even predict if he is playing virtual poker or chatting with an old friend.
  2. Online casinos offer signup bonuses and free games as a welcome gift. People who don’t like spending money on gambling like these aspects of an online casino. They can play their favorite games without worrying about their pockets becoming thinner. Land-based casinos offer these bonuses not very often.
  3. Land-based casinos have limited space and can accommodate very few people. One may not find a table for him. However online casinos can accommodate a large number of people at the same time. One can always find a table suiting his budget and the number of players he wants to play with.


We can see that both land-based casinos and online casinos have their advantages and disadvantages. It is hard to predict whether one will replace another. To know more details about the online casino Singapore such related information click this